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    Fastest free vehicles
    Fastest free vehicles

    Top 10 of free vehicles available in the streets of Los Santos & Blaine County that you can steal and put in your garage with the fastest observed top speed.

    1 Pegassi Ruffian

    Pegassi Ruffian Motorcycle Observed top speed : 204.39 km-h / 127 mph An Italian that is rough around the edges but smooth where it counts and plenty of gas in the tank to go the extra mile with sexual analogies. $ 9 000

    2 Vapid Dominator

    Vapid Dominator Muscle Observed top speed : 193.52 km-h / 120.25 mph Baby boomer teen dream repackaged for the mass market generation. A muscle car without the muscle that's the rental vehicle of choice for tourists ... Read more From $ 26 250

    3 Maibatsu Sanchez

    Maibatsu Sanchez Motorcycle Observed top speed : 192.32 km-h / 119.5 mph Prepare to get even dirtier even faster with the all-new Sanchez. If you want a ride that really leaves a mark on the track, this is the bike for you. $ 8 000

    4 Karin Futo

    Karin Futo Sport Observed top speed : 191.91 km-h / 119.25 mph The Futo is Karin's gift to a core demographic that needs nothing more than a lightweight chassis, rear wheel drive and dangerously poor traction t... Read more $ 9 000

    5 Imponte Ruiner

    Imponte Ruiner Muscle Observed top speed : 191.11 km-h / 118.75 mph What happened in the 80's stays in the 80's. Unless what happened is a little slice of quad-exhaust, side-striped, T-Top heaven - in which case bre... Read more $ 10 000

    6 Schyster Fusilade

    Schyster Fusilade Sport Observed top speed : 189.5 km-h / 117.75 mph American brand, German money and manufacturing. This is the car your grandparents fought to prevent. Cooked up after the Schyster marketing departm... Read more $ 36 000

    7 Ocelot F620

    Ocelot F620 Coupes Observed top speed : 189.1 km-h / 117.5 mph If this car could talk, it would say "I'm having a midlife crisis". Just cheaper than the divorce that'll result from having an affair with your pe... Read more $ 80 000

    8 Ubermacht Sentinel XS

    Ubermacht Sentinel XS Coupes Observed top speed : 188.7 km-h / 117.25 mph When you're doing 90 in the fast lane, this is the car right on your ass flashing its high beams. If you're quite rich, and really an asshole, and ... Read more $ 60 000

    9 Benefactor Schwartzer

    Benefactor Schwartzer Sport Observed top speed : 188.29 km-h / 117 mph Say what you will about the Germans - they know luxury. And their economy is the only one worth a crap in Europe. This model has all kinds of extra... Read more $ 80 000

    10 Ubermacht Zion

    Ubermacht Zion Coupes Observed top speed : 188.29 km-h / 117 mph A German beauty of timeless passion and sleek design. When you're interested in class and an overpowered engine, there is no other choice. $ 60 000


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