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    Fastest compact vehicles
    Fastest compact vehicles

    Top 10 of vehicles in the compact class with the fastest observed top speed.

    1 Weeny Arena Issi

    Weeny Arena Issi Compacts Observed top speed : 199.96 km-h / 124.25 mph Highly aggressive things come in small packages. $ 1 089 000 (upgrade)

    2 BF Club

    BF Club Compacts Observed top speed : 181.05 km-h / 112.5 mph The BF Club is back on the market, so pull on your platforms, slam the pedal, and let the psychedelic mix of flashy liveries, insane speed and econ... Read more $ 1 280 000

    3 Dinka Blista Kanjo

    Dinka Blista Kanjo Compacts Observed top speed : 175.82 km-h / 109.25 mph Cheap ramen noodles, Princess Robot Bubblegum, tentacle porn - if you want to express your teenage love for Japanese culture in a car purchase, loo... Read more From $ 435 000

    4 Dinka Blista

    Dinka Blista Compacts Observed top speed : 168.18 km-h / 104.5 mph

    5 Weeny Issi

    Weeny Issi Compacts Observed top speed : 167.77 km-h / 104.25 mph A favorite in Mirror Park, this sporty little guy is easy to park. Great handling, anti-lock brakes, and a stereo that only plays power pop hits. I... Read more $ 18 000

    6 Grotti Brioso R/A

    Grotti Brioso R/A Compacts Observed top speed : 166.97 km-h / 103.75 mph You favor light, compact, versatile car design. You believe a hot hatch can be just as macho as a lumbering supercar. You describe yourself as havi... Read more $ 155 000

    7 Bollokan Prairie

    Bollokan Prairie Compacts Observed top speed : 166.16 km-h / 103.25 mph Bollokan's first and only production car was already in showrooms before someone told them that "Bollokan" didn't sound anything like a fashionable... Read more $ 25 000

    8 Declasse Rhapsody

    Declasse Rhapsody Compacts Observed top speed : 164.56 km-h / 102.25 mph Nothing says post-irony like a retro futuristic American jelly bean car. Small with a wide glass ass to showcase your samurai bun and allow for 360... Read more $ 140 000

    9 Benefactor Panto

    Benefactor Panto Compacts Observed top speed : 161.34 km-h / 100.25 mph The giant German carmaker's leap into the micro market. Designed for the narrow, parking space deprived roads of Europe, this is sure to stick out ... Read more $ 85 000

    10 Maxwell Asbo

    Maxwell Asbo Compacts Observed top speed : 155.3 km-h / 96.5 mph You're only young once, so why not spend every spare cent you have turning a tiny, shitty car into a monument to your lack of taste and sophisticat... Read more From $ 306 000


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