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    Fastest super sport vehicles
    Fastest super sport vehicles

    Top 10 of sport vehicles with the fastest observed top speed.

    1 Grotti Vigilante

    Grotti Vigilante Super sport Observed top speed : 236.57 km-h / 147 mph Today's society is broken. We all know who's behind it, but we're afraid to speak out. Hard-working cops, human rights lawyers, investigative journ... Read more $ 3 750 000

    2 Declasse Scramjet

    Declasse Scramjet Super sport Observed top speed : 220.48 km-h / 137 mph The Declasse Scramjet is final proof that the greatest inventions are accidents. No one thought we had any need to jolt a hyper-stylized retro spee... Read more From $ 3 480 000

    3 Pfister 811

    Pfister 811 Super sport Observed top speed : 213.24 km-h / 132.5 mph Meet the future of hybrid tech: Pfister took billions of dollars in subsidies for low-carbon research and used it to refine an electric motor until... Read more $ 1 135 000

    4 Principe Deveste Eight

    Principe Deveste Eight Super sport Observed top speed : 212.03 km-h / 131.75 mph It began as little more than a myth: a list of impossible statistics circulating on the dark net. Then the myth became a legend: a few leaked photo... Read more $ 1 795 000

    5 Bravado Banshee 900R

    Bravado Banshee 900R Super sport Observed top speed : 210.82 km-h / 131 mph The name says it all. You can weave in and out of traffic with ease in this little number. Get a blow up doll for the passenger seat and ride in th... Read more $ 565 000 (upgrade)

    6 Overflod Entity XXR

    Overflod Entity XXR Super sport Observed top speed : 206 km-h / 128 mph Sure, it makes sense for a nation of ultra liberal herring-lovers to lead the world in the manufacture of affordable flat-pack furniture. But just ... Read more $ 2 305 000

    7 Grotti X80 Proto

    Grotti X80 Proto Super sport Observed top speed : 205.19 km-h / 127.5 mph The cause of more UFO sightings across San Andreas than any other production vehicle of the decade, the Proto is the kind of concept car you get wh... Read more $ 2 700 000

    8 Benefactor Krieger

    Benefactor Krieger Super sport Observed top speed : 204.79 km-h / 127.25 mph It sounds so simple in theory. Why shouldn't the cutting edge of hypercar design dovetail seamlessly with the bleeding edge of competition-ready, o... Read more $ 2 875 000

    9 Progen Emerus

    Progen Emerus Super sport Observed top speed : 204.79 km-h / 127.25 mph There is a new word in pioneering automotive design: intuition. Taking your seat in an Emerus is not like getting into a car. It's like discovering... Read more $ 2 750 000

    10 Truffade Nero Custom

    Truffade Nero Custom Super sport Observed top speed : 204.79 km-h / 127.25 mph Fresh from Truffade's undersea test track, the Nero is a god-emperor among supercars that'll dip its rivals in burning oil, seduce its mother and p... Read more $ 605 000 (upgrade)


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