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    Best top speed
    Best top speed

    Top 10 of the land vehicles with the fastest observed top speed.

    1 Western Motorcycle Company Deathbike

    Western Motorcycle Company Deathbike Motorcycle Observed top speed : 241.4 km-h / 150 mph Whatever this is, it does not come in peace. $ 1 269 000 (upgrade)

    2 Grotti Vigilante

    Grotti Vigilante Super sport Observed top speed : 236.57 km-h / 147 mph Today's society is broken. We all know who's behind it, but we're afraid to speak out. Hard-working cops, human rights lawyers, investigative journ... Read more $ 3 750 000

    3 Annis ZR380

    Annis ZR380 Sport Observed top speed : 226.11 km-h / 140.5 mph To think, all it took to transform the ZR380 from a purposeful two-door sportster to a diesel-swigging harbinger of the end times was a nuclear win... Read more From $ 1 608 000

    4 Pegassi Oppressor

    Pegassi Oppressor Motorcycle Observed top speed : 225.31 km-h / 140 mph There are two kinds of people in the point one percent. There's the balding stock analyst with pituitary issues, staring out the window of his comf... Read more From $ 2 650 000

    5 Declasse Scramjet

    Declasse Scramjet Super sport Observed top speed : 220.48 km-h / 137 mph The Declasse Scramjet is final proof that the greatest inventions are accidents. No one thought we had any need to jolt a hyper-stylized retro spee... Read more From $ 3 480 000

    6 Nagasaki BF400

    Nagasaki BF400 Motorcycle Observed top speed : 220.48 km-h / 137 mph When the history books are written, the BF400 will be seen as our age's greatest expression of the pioneer spirit. No other advance in off-road eng... Read more $ 95 000

    7 Ocelot Pariah

    Ocelot Pariah Sport Observed top speed : 218.87 km-h / 136 mph This is not an accessible sports car. It won't rub its avant-garde bodywork in your face and let you grope its dashboard on the first drive. It's d... Read more $ 1 420 000

    8 Pegassi Bati 801

    Pegassi Bati 801 Motorcycle Observed top speed : 217.26 km-h / 135 mph The ultimate in going 0-80 in 2.3 seconds, then 80-0 in a fraction as you slide under a tractor trailer truck $ 15 000

    9 Pegassi Bati 801RR

    Pegassi Bati 801RR Motorcycle Observed top speed : 217.26 km-h / 135 mph Just in case the Pegassi Bati 801 wasn't fast enough, the Bati 801RR ups the deathtrap factor with a whopping 197 BHP and a top speed of 210 mph. $ 15 000

    10 Shitzu Hakuchou

    Shitzu Hakuchou Motorcycle Observed top speed : 215.65 km-h / 134 mph This super-fast sports bike can take you from zero to a permanent vegetative state in under two and a half seconds. It's not a question of if this ... Read more $ 82 000


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