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    Performances average
    Performances average

    Here is the top 10 of the best average performance vehicles based on the game files.

    1 Grotti Itali RSX

    Grotti Itali RSX Sport Performances average : 83.13 % Warning: NSFW. There's a sexy single car in your area looking for a ride. Interested? Just open a private tab and check out these candid pics of th... Read more From $ 2 598 750

    2 Benefactor BR8

    Benefactor BR8 Open Wheel Performances average : 82.63 % The original race version of the BR8 was a complicated machine. Constructed from over four hundred separate controls, it required inhuman dexterity... Read more $ 3 400 000

    3 Progen PR4

    Progen PR4 Open Wheel Performances average : 82.21 % Okay, before you click off, we know what you're thinking. The power, the handling, the aerodynamics, they're all very well but what can you possibl... Read more $ 3 515 000

    4 Ocelot R88

    Ocelot R88 Open Wheel Performances average : 81.95 % We could just keep saying 'ultra' and 'turbo' over and over but even these hardcore buzzwords can't do the Ocelot R88 justice. Instead, simply look... Read more $ 3 115 000

    5 Declasse DR1

    Declasse DR1 Open Wheel Performances average : 80.6 % Take a good look at the DR1 and close your eyes. Do you feel faint from the smell of burning rubber? Is the intensity of the exhaust fumes making y... Read more $ 2 997 000

    6 Annis S80RR

    Annis S80RR Super sport Performances average : 80.46 % The S80RR was designed to do two things. First, to be the predominant endurance racer of its era. Second, to make so few concessions to the physica... Read more $ 2 575 000

    7 Progen Emerus

    Progen Emerus Super sport Performances average : 80.26 % There is a new word in pioneering automotive design: intuition. Taking your seat in an Emerus is not like getting into a car. It's like discovering... Read more $ 2 750 000

    8 Overflod Autarch

    Overflod Autarch Super sport Performances average : 80.16 % This is not a hypercar. It's not a sports prototype or a concept GT. It's something else. Something much, much better. And this isn't even an adver... Read more $ 1 955 000

    9 Pegassi Zorrusso

    Pegassi Zorrusso Super sport Performances average : 80 % It takes a special kind of visionary to sit behind the wheel of a hypercar while it flirts outrageously with the sound barrier and seriously ask th... Read more $ 1 925 000

    10 Shitzu Hakuchou Drag

    Shitzu Hakuchou Drag Motorcycle Performances average : 79.96 % There aren't many who've pushed a Hakuchou Drag to the limits of its performance, but you can tell when you meet one: the thousand mile stare, the ... Read more $ 976 000


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