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    BF Ramp Buggy $ 2 400 000 - $ 3 192 000
    BF Ramp Buggy BF Ramp Buggy

    Ever looked at a city-center traffic jam and seen nothing but a long, glorious opportunity? It doesn't have to be a dream: with BF's Ramp Buggy, yesterday's gridlock becomes today's meteor shower in your rearview mirror.

    Vehicle statistics

    Speed : 80.482697%

    Acceleration : 79.999992%

    Brake : 33.333336%

    Traction : 85.924248%

    Overall : 69.94%


    ClassOff road

    Top speed150 km-h / 93.21 mph

    DrivetrainRear wheel drive (RWD)

    Mass1000 kg / 2205 lbs

    Number of doors2 doors

    Seating capacity2 seats

    Delivery service Interaction menu

    Available on these platforms

    PC PC
    PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4
    PlayStation 5 PlayStation 5
    Xbox One Xbox One
    Xbox Series X|S Xbox Series X|S


    The BF Ramp Buggy is a 2 seater vehicle in the "Off road" class available in Grand Theft Auto Online on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. This vehicle was added to the game with the "Import/Export" update in 2016.

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    The top speed of the BF Ramp Buggy is 150 km-h / 93.21 mph based on the data in the game files. The engine power is delivered to the rear wheels. The weight of this vehicle is 1000 kg / 2205 lbs.

    How to get your BF Ramp Buggy?

    You can buy the BF Ramp Buggy at a cost of $ 2 400 000 - $ 3 192 000 at Warstock Cache & Carry. Get delivered your BF Ramp Buggy very close to you from the interaction menu.

    How to unlock the BF Ramp Buggy trade price?

    Complete the Ramp Buggy Special Vehicle Work as a CEO to unlock the SecuroServ trade price.

    Where do I go to get mods on my BF Ramp Buggy?

    Modifications can be done on your Ramp Buggy at Beeker's Garage and Los Santos Custom. You can get modifications on your Ramp Buggy in your Avenger or Mobile Operations Center if you have bought all the requirements needed to customize this vehicle there.


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